Our business goes far beyond commerce. We believe that not everything that counts can be counted. Nurturing the environment, linking capacities, identifying challenges and optimizing resources are responsibilities that we shoulder with pride.


There is great pressure on growers to escalate productivity from a limited farm holding year after year. With climate change, farm productivity suffers with tremendous uncertainty. Agroforestry offers best suited solutions to sequester these challenges. It offers a relationship between socio-cultural values and sustainable land-use method. By bringing agroforestry to marginal farmers, Excel Crop Care has helped them to be resource proficient, ecologically constructive and commercially effective. The technique implies functional land management methods, where trees are planted along with crops in a practical arrangement, to provide dual advantage to the seasonal crops. It helps maintain vegetative cover and healthy yield, whilst growing crops around these trees. We see perennials and annuals giving farmers dual incomes. It has also helped in drawing of groundwater and nutrients by the long tree roots.

The concept has been accomplished by Excel Crop Care’s project that developed date palm and its tissue culture. Today the date farmers are harvesting fruits of great quality, which are exported and also sourced by food processing companies. Having identified, the farmers’ potential Excel Crop Care began the subsidy and KCS was formed. In a short period of 4 years, KCSL has gained its reputations as a committed source of support to the farmers and has gained the reputation for developing successful protocol for date palm. With very few such successful tissue culture laboratories in the world and in India KCS offers is the only single company to have successfully accomplished micro propagating of date palm.

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