Waste Management


Our business goes far beyond commerce. We believe that not everything that counts can be counted. Nurturing the environment, linking capacities, identifying challenges and optimizing resources are responsibilities that we shoulder with pride.

Waste Management

Excel Crop Care Limited has formulated a consortium of microbial formula for composting of farm waste into fertile manure. After the harvest, farmers clear their fields by burning the farm biomass. Burning of field waste causes loss of the organic matter, releasing carbon in the atmosphere. With the use of microbes, the farm biomass can be effectively composted. The cooked compost is richer in quality, safer than the animal dung and free of disease causing pathogens.

The process helps maintain the breathability in soil, curbs weeds and more and more field waste is treated rather than being burned. Compost made from this microbial mix is helpful in rejuvenating soil nutrients and increasing organic carbon matter of soil. Along with farm waste, offerings left in religious places, fresh vegetable markets, animal abattoirs, as well as biodegradable civic waste can be effectively treated by the microbial mix. Originating from this service, the microbial formula was developed by Excel Crop Care to make it commercially available with the brand name called ‘Madhyam’.

Wastewater from domestic village settlements around our manufacturing facilities is recycled and used by the plant. Excel Crop Care is a major partner with WASMO in its first project to treat sewage water in one of the selected villages. We are receiving more than treated water 60 KL per day from one such source. Having entered into a partnership with WASMO for similar types of projects in three other villages, we hope to enhance recycling capacity in many more villages.

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