Research & Development

Innovation is our strength. We interpret challenges and harness chemistry for creating efficient and environmentally safe products and services. Our state-of-the-art R&D facilities are at par with the best in the world!


Incessant efforts by our technicians have resulted in acquiring more than 20 patents/pending application across chemistry types such as manufacture of Endosulfan, Imidacloprid, Triclopyr, Aluminium Phosphide etc and also for method of application for Glyphosate, Aluminium Phosphide, and others.

Excel is acknowledged as the first manufacturer of Endosulfan, Glyphosate, Aluminium Phosphide, Zinc Phosphide etc. in India. This helped in making available to Indian farmers global products at reasonable cost.

All the products and formulations manufactured at Excel Crop Care Limited have come out from Excel’s R&D stable. The products include Tebuconazole, Fenpyroximate, Chlorpyriphos, Profenofos, backward integrated Glyphosate, Aluminium Phosphide, Zinc Phosphide etc. to name a few.

Excel has to its credit, development of number of processes whereby petroleum based solvents have either been replaced by aqueous media or completely done away with. As acknowledgement for the effort, we received Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Award for development of solvent less process for manufacture of Chloropyriphos.

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