Manufacturing Facilities

Who We Are

We are a farming solutions provider that strives to reach-out to every farmer, across the globe, so that he sows quality seeds, nurtures them well and reaps the benefits - year after year.

Manufacturing Facilities

‘Excel’ adopts an integrated approach to manufacturing and has built world class capacities to make Technical Actives and Formulations of the highest standard. All manufacturing plants are a result of in-house research and engineering and have been installed by its own project team. The Company has obtained various ISO and environmental certifications and meets stringent statutory requirements on quality, environment and safety. To make our products safer and user friendly, an ongoing process of product and packaging upgradation is implemented.

Bhavnagar Facility

Spread over more than 75 acres of land, the site houses in addition to manufacturing facilities for technicals and formulations, R&D units equipped with testing facilities for products from gram scale to field scale application. To achieve this, app. 8 acres of land is cultivated in house with standing crops.

The site employs complex chemical reactions such as hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, ethynylation, oxidation etc. for manufacture of various technical actives

The site also manufactures Trichoderma and Pseudomonas based bio-pesticides and demonstrates its wide range of capabilities to produce chemical and non-chemical pesticides.

Gajod Facility

The site was started soon after the devastating earthquake in the non- industrialised and arid district of Kutch and is spread over more than 125 acres of land.

In line with the company philosophy of preserving renewable resources, it has set up on site and off site check dams for water harvesting. The site also houses 500 KWH Solar Power Plant to which currently meets 30% of Gajod’s power requirement.

The Company employs technology involving pyrophoric substances such as Aluminium, Zinc and Phosphorous to manufacture metallic phosphides. The technology to formulate, tablet and pack moisture sensitive products like Aluminium Phosphide has been mastered. The manufacturing excellence has been achieved through training of local communities and nearly 95% of employees come from the local region.

Silvassa Facility

The Union territory of Silvassa offers logistical advantage for sourcing of various formulation auxiliaries and packaging materials. The unit which is spread over 3 acres of land, manufactures formulations of Glyphosate and other plant growth enhancers and adjuvants.

Environment Protection Systems

'Excel' remains equally conscious of its responsibility as a chemical manufacturer and employs strong environment protection systems. Production processes are continuously improved and Bio-remediation measures installed to treat solid wastes and minimize effluent discharges. All production plants are equipped with state of the art effluent treatment capabilities such as:

  • Two Stage Chlorinated HC Waste Incinerator
  • Hydro Carbon Waste Incinerator
  • Two Stage Chlorinated HC Waste Incinerator- Hydro Carbon Waste Incinerator
  • CETP - Liquid Effluent Treatment Plant including Biological Treatment
  • Bio-Stabilizer
  • Multi Effect Evaporator
  • Vent gas scrubbing in plants to control fugitive emission
  • Onsite treatment plant for municipal sewage water providing around 2/3 of the industrial water requirement of the Bhavnagar facility

Wind Farms

The Company has made efforts for a better environment and demonstrates strong commitments to green energy by installing wind mills at various locations with Total Wind Power Capacity of 6.1MW at:

  • Dhank - 2.7MW
  • Navadara - 0.8MW
  • Jodhapar - 0.8MW
  • Surajabari - 1.8MW
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